The Halves | Are You Happy?

I’ll never stop being a happy slappy guitar chappy and this is clearly apparent in the music I get sent on a regular basis by bands/musicians that have channeled some Oasis mimicry in the pursuit of superstar status. Every now and then though you come across something that sits nice in the attention based high chair that is the blogosphere and that was delivered nicely by The Halves recently. I’ve been waiting for this to go public to feature purely because it’s one of the best debut tracks I’ve heard.

There is a dirge of bands that formed for the sheer enjoyment of strapping on a guitar and seeing what you can do. So much is now over-produced with a carbon copy croon pasted over the top. Instead, in their debut single “Are You Happy”, you are brought into a storming indie track through a slightly Hollywood guitar riff that has you wondering if you’re entering a Vetiver or Locksmiths track. However, the track smashes itself through as the tempo picks up and you can imagine yourself shirtless covered in beer in one of the suburban house parties that served as this North Carolina-based band baptism.

The track is important not because it breaks new ground but that it makes you think “hey I could do that.” Except you’re not, they are and they’re having a fucking blast doing it. Recorded using just one mic in a local hip-hop studio, The Halves ask you what you’ve been doing with your life? That degree worth it? Because on limited resources and a bit of nous, you can produce something this good. They’re your mates, they’re your relatives, they’re who you wish you could be sometimes.

If you’re into it, check them in Brooklyn on July 29th at the Gold Sounds Bar. I would, if I didn’t live in bloody Scotland.

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