Opposite Sex | Supermarket

I used to work in a Supermarket. It was legitimately the worst job I’ve ever had. Everyday someone would come to my till and stare at me vapidly whilst I tried not to judge that all they were buying were condoms and wine. It’s a weird place where you see who people really are. The self-proclaimed hipster who’s actually super into cheap Budweiser or the sensitive old soul who’s buying condoms even though he’s easily 70. They’re a real gauge for the modern day man and you can see yourself in the shopping you lay into your basket.

New Zealand three-piece, Opposite Sex, have crafted a slow burning candid punk serenade to this wondrous institution of contemporary life. Never getting above a walking pace we are invited into a narrative built around your groceries and toiletries that develops a real life having been lived. Whilst the rough edges may not be to everyones liking, and the lyrics a little too close to home for some, it’s a biting take on this process of self-realisation that we take for granted.

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