Royal Canoe | Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit

So Royal Canoe have dropped their new album and it’s got some serious moves to it. A real focus on an intense driven vocal line and an offbeat inventive percussive background have allowed for a baseline to build the electronic melodic elements around. My flatmate and former bandmate always insist that vocals should be like punctuation to the language of the music. Here Royal Canoe build whole tracks around a voice as instrument-like as any other musical tool and instead punctuate it with sweeping drum styles and varied melodic touches.

Royal Canoe manages to bring a groove and, honestly, a sexy-ass vibe to the tracks they produce without resorting to cliché comments and hip rolls. Instead of carrying a varied and off-beat vibe that reminds you why you fancy that girl on the bus with the sweet haircut and violet nail varnish.

The whole album is available to stream on Spotify but my hands down the favourite track “Walk Out On The Water” is below. Check it before you wreck it or whatever that means. I dunno.

Also worth a look is the video frop for “Bicycle” which brings a sweet contemporary illustration vibe to their own musical style.

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