Miniature Tigers | Dreaming

Life is hard enough. How often when you’ve had a shit day do you close your eyes and pretend you’re in some hilarious offbeat HBO drama about some misunderstood youth? Just me? Am I that self-involved? Well if you’re like me then Miniature Tigers new single Dreaming will almost certainly be playing as the montage plays for the viewers at home. A really laid back synth pop track with enough substance to really play into the perfect accompaniment for a shit day. Not that I’m saying the track should soundtrack misery but its bittersweet swell of shiny Californian vibes alongside a theme of longing lends itself to some form of poetic misery. Not that I ever do that. I’m brilliant and my life is full of rainbows.

The single appears on Miniature Tigers’ forthcoming album I Dreamt I Was A Cowboy, due out October 28th.

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