RALPH | Busy Man

One of the greatest villain introductions in cinema is that of Scar in Disney’s “The Lion King.” For real, bear with me. As a small mouse scurries around, the aforementioned regicidal lion, pounces on the unsuspecting rodent and laments how life is unfair. As he toys with his prey, the monologue extends to the cruelty of life and despite the mouses heroic escape, Scar remains a lion and the mouse is still a mere footnote on the concerns of this great childhood villain of ours.

How often do you feel like that mouse? Like no matter how hard you try and whatever your successes, life just isn’t fair enough to allow you to ever challenge such odds. Scar remains a lion and the mouse remains a mouse. Thems the brakes kid. So as I sit in my freezing cold studio desperately applying for jobs and attempting to make my own work function I sympathise with this little furry plot element. So imagine my joy when I’m sent this track “Busy Man” by the triumphantly returning RALPH.

The track extends into the emotional anguish we’ve all felt on falling for someone inaccessible and the important personal fortitude one needs to retain their pride, strength and identity. So you can imagine the relation I can make as I attempt to get a foot on the career ladder with this disco-inspired track. Witty and straight-forward, “Busy Man” is a track that could be played through headphones to inspire a resilience after a bad day or played at a bar where you dance off your sodden misery and drown it with cheap vodka. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming EP. Gonna be special kids.

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