Bryde | Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?

Ugh. How often is it that you’re looking for a new earworm to guide you through the day and one lands in your lap? Probably more often for me because I run this little operation but man this has got to be one of the finest examples in recent times.

Bryde‘s new track “Wouldnt That Make You Feel Good?” has the somewhat strolling nature of Speedy Ortiz mixed with the quiet fury that Sharon Van Etten manages to capture effortlessly. Instead of scoring a stroll through the park, this track seems to soundtrack a drunken walk home alone when you’ve polished off all the beer available to numb yourself only to fail spectacularly. Bryde manages to capture that darkness we all internalise and live with consistently, most applicable in the crescendo towards the end when all the barely managed fury explodes into a cacophony of emotive attacks. This has got to be one of the best tracks of the year so far.

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