Rationale | Prodigal Son

Do you ever have those artists that you have a totally vested interest in? An act that no matter what you’ll follow continuously because, for whatever reason, they speak to a part of you that needs continuous exposure. To me that is Rationale. I remember, over a year ago, covering his first few tracks from his debut EP and thinking there was something special here. It culminated in myself and my girlfriend catching him at King Tuts in Glasgow, before his now massive tour with Bastille. Combining his undeniably smooth voice with equally impressive dance moves left me jealous and my aforementioned girlfriend highly impressed.

Prodigal Son, the new single released ahead of his first full LP in 2017, is probably my favourite track of his so far. Combining a new romantic 80s lick over his now patented smooth delivery builds itself into a rousing track that never strays into the realm of over-indulgent vocal performance. That is the really the talent of Rationale. His uniquely impressive delivery and songwriting are woven throughout the tracks like a sleeping partner. It doesn’t impose or delve into hubris, instead, it builds into a consummate, professional and highly enjoyable product. Do not be a fool. Check it out.