Kidsmoke | Waves

I’m not sure if Kidsmoke is supposed to be a name referencing my childhood. Because I certainly was a kid and definitely used to pinch cigarettes when I thought no-one was looking. I know, I’m a total genius. Anyway, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Real talk time. I’ve been off the blogging grid after the death of an incredibly close friend of mine and have been struggling to get back on top with everything else going on. What am I supposed to post here as well? Some Suede because that’s literally the only band he listened to? Gimme a break. I thought about the new Cigarettes After Sex track but man, too depressing.

Then hello Kidsmoke.If you’re anything like me, when processing grief you gravitate to sombre serious musicians who arcticulate your continual recycling of thought patterns. Eventually, however, you need something to blow out the cobwebs so you can rearrange your mind into something productive that you can take forward. That is why Kidsmoke are here and why you should listen to them. Other than the fact that I’m telling you.

Kidsmoke, heralding from my fellow Celtic province of Wales (for their sins), have something of a perfect synthesis between various prevailing “indie” themes. Solitary guitars are lead a rousing progression through aggressive drum beats and the ethereal transforms into the anthemic without straying into the cliche. “Waves” is out on the 27th of January and if you don’t listen to it I’ll pee in your coffee.