Cassels | The Weight

Nostalgia is a dangerous thing. I should know, I spent 6 months post-graduation trolling the same pubs and jazz bars to recapture a bygone student lifestyle. Because, I’m a genius.

However, sometimes a new track comes through the miasma to take you back to a place that whisks a fond memory before your face or the thought of a woman who really broke your heart and Cassels takes me back to a time when that seemed to be the only thing that matters. A lyrical journey about the lack of sincerity bounding around the ways in which young men communicate is wrapped up in a post-punk indie storm that harkens back to the early Cymbals Eat Guitars records.

The Weight is taken off the self-proclaimed “pre-album” Foreward. Released April 7th via Big Scary Monsters, the record could be just what you need to rediscover that 2008 era post-punk craving.

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