Sylvan Esso | Radio (Demo Taped Remix)

Sylvan Esso‘s Radio was one of my favourite songs last year. It was a track filled with attitude and aggression that managed to toe the line of a dream-like sonic soundscape. So with just over a month before their sophomore record drops, imagine my joy at finding this remix of Radio by 19-year-old artist Demo Taped.

I’ve had a troubled history with remixes of beloved tracks. There is a happy median when it is done right but it is so easy to slip into either artistic self-indulgence, where any kind of collaboration is thrown out the window or reverence in which the original track is merely amended. Fortunately, Demo Taped treats Radio with enough respect whilst adding a distinctive creative flair of his own on top to create an addictive soundscape that pays tribute to both artists. With smooth R&B textures and 90s Nintendo vibes combining with the brilliantly candid lyrics such as “Don’t you look good sucking American dick” take me back to a Skinsesque experience of hedonism, honesty and musical innovation.

Demo Taped just got off tour with WET and will be playing a few select showcases with Wafia soon whilst Sylvan Esso just got off a heavy SXSW rotation and will be touring this summer once the album hits April 28th.


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