Rationale | Deliverance

I am seriously running out of enough good things to say abotu Rationale. An artist I’ve been following since his debut track Fast Lane, Rationale are climbing through the musical hierarchy and there never seems to be a stop to his consistently strong output. Prolific and polished, Deliverance is just the latest in what seems to be an endless output of brilliance that carries you through a maelstrom of complex emotive processes via a baritone that is smoother than a Samuel L Jackson and Morgan Freeman love clone.

The voice of Rationale really does have to stand out as one of the most distinctive and rich currently recording at the moment. It’s as if Otis Redding meets Nina Simone via a London street party. Deliverance completes this with the typical electronic inspired backing music that subscribes to the adage that spares need not mean uninteresting. Embellishing the track is the addition of a choir that adds a degree of a genuine celebratory atmosphere before the final line of “I need your love,” bringing you back into the tracks subject matter with the drop of the metaphorical pit in the stomach.

It seems such a long time since I saw him, as a surprise from my girlfriend, in a tiny room above a bar in Glasgow. Still, even then, his live show transcended what I expected from his record and complete with dance moves and genuine audience affection, it’s not to be missed. So with that in mind, check the following.

24th April – Birmingham, Hare and Hounds
26th April – Manchester, Gorilla
27th April – London, Electric Brixton
29th April – Live at Leeds Festival

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