ESSIE | Someone

So, having just made an ill-advised move to London, I am sat in an unfamiliar room with a strange view and two cats seem to know instinctively that I am allergic to them. When faced with a new challenge, and a new city, ESSIE‘s latest single Someone played through my headphones as I start an unfamiliar commute acts as something of an artificial confidence builder.

As a guitarist myself, I will always be drawn to musicians who can unashamedly carry the instrument into any track with unashamed abandon. Drawing very clear inspiration from the Artic Monkeys record AM, ESSIE invites you to a night of reckless drinking to forget someone who has torn through you in a way that those we love are capable of doing so expertly. With punchy drums and soaring guitar, through a blues inspired overdriven sound, ESSIE is an ally you need in your life. Her incredibly assured voice driving your feet forwards into a world that is not the one you chose for yourself but could, just possibly, be the one you need.

Someone is relased March 31st and is 100% worth your time.

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