Gallery 47 | Lefty

Singer-songwriters are tough. I think anyone who has ever played a guitar or piano has once or twice thought about plying their songs on the airwaves, myself included. Open mic nights are full of them, young idealists who think that their viewpoint is totally the unique slant on the world that you need.

Yet, when a singer-songwriter gets it right, my goodness it really is the way in which the great saga poets were able to weave a tale of relatable narrative that is decipherable to the populace. Lefty, Gallery 47‘s latest single, has weaves of Jeff Buckley musicality embellished with the political subject matter of Dylan and contemporaries. Jack Peachey (Mr 47 himself) produced the new EP Bad Production, from which Lefty is the lead single after an alcohol-infused disagreement about the current state of working youth in Contemporary Britain. With Brexit now an inevitability and the shroud of Trump looming like a mushroom cloud on the box art of a B-Movie disaster film, we never needed it more.

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