SLØTFACE | Nancy Drew

Whoops. So here’s me thinking that moving to London would coincide with a greater lift in productivity. Who knew the 9 – 5 would kick my butt so frequently? Regardless, I should post more. So, in the spirit of an agreement of attempting to be a productive adult with my girlfriend, I will endeavour to post more regularly.

Ahead of their debut album, SLØTFACE have dropped their latest single Nancy Drew. Beggining with an aggressive punk-based guitar line, singer Haley Shea laments about falling asleep to the pickings of singer-songwriter fare. Using the eponymous teenage detective as a barnstoping tour de force to tackle the indie boys club, “Nancy Drew” as a track showcases SLØTFACE at an aggressive self-righteous level that is entirely deserved.

I’ll always be pre-disposed to a strong guitar based track that carries the necessary confidence behind it. The idea of an indie detective keeping the male dominated guitar-band scene in check as a vigilante private mercenary is undeniably a fantasy of many. Theres a great article on The Rockpit on the track which is worth a read in itself.

“Nancy Drew” is the second single from the upcoming debut album ‘Try Not To Freak Out’ which is out on 15/09/2017 via Propeller Recordings.

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