NoMBe | Do Whatchu Want To Me

My man! So NoMBe have been on my radar for roughly 3 months ever since “Freak Like Me” hit. Anyone who can write a sexy ass song that I can share with my girlfriend to persuade her I’m not just an uptight white indie kid is alright in my book. Following up “Freak Like Me” was “Signs” that eschewed the classic R&B hooks for a summery 60s vibe. NoMBe has been demonstrating a total oeuvre in his music that blends the late night dancer with the guitar bound optimist in all of us.

So imagine my fucking delight when “Do Whatchu Want To Me” hit today. Signalling something of a return to the darker soul vibes of “Freak Like Me” with the musical tinges of other eras that “Signs” possessed. NoMBe writes music that feels like an after-hours party at a water park. There is the feeling of water spray, the smell of sunscreen and the exhilaration of adolescent showing off combined with the warmth of whiskey, the chasing of members of your sexual preference and closed doors to discreet actions.

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