Happyness | Uptrend / Style Raids

I remember I once tried to start a band. It was the first time actually, I’ve been in a few. I identified the only other person at my school who played an instrument who didn’t intimidate me, (a guy called Ross who is still a good pal actually) and we made the necessary big plans. We picked a name, started a Myspace page, downloaded Audacity and found a mic. These actions subsequently giving birth to the short-lived, roman candle career of adolescent rock gods “Hit Or Miss.”

I actually found the Myspace page recently, I’ve obviously since deleted it because I’m not subjecting myself to that level of scorn (the pictures of me trying to emulate Slash’s haircut need to, frankly, pass onto the great beyond), and realised one of the tracks was me literally playing guitar scales over my friends sick beatz. I remember going to school the next day, proud of my achievements, before promptly getting “hedged” (yeah it does mean getting thrown in a bush), because “scales aren’t music.”

So, with that in mind, how the fuck have Happyness got away with it? Putting aside my bitterness I’ll try and explain. Taking early blues licks and structures (it’s such a classic blues bass structure), the latest single “Uptrend / Style Raids” brings together the aforementioned timeless staples with psychedelic low-fi influences that don’t sound out of place on an Unknown Mortal Orchestra record. It’s a track of hypnotic nature in which the musicianship both drives you through with the repititive blues motifs before jarring you with the psychedilc infused chords. All of this serves to carry the obsessive poetry of the sometimes rambling, sometimes profound vocal delivery.

Uptrends / Style Raids is the latest single taken from the excellent record Write In which has now been released worldwide via Moshi Moshi.

Happyness playing the following festivals over the summer

July 15 – Readipop Festival, Reading
July 16 – Latitude Festival, Suffolk
July 21 – Deer Shed Festival, Thirsk
July 29 – Three Wheel Drive Festival
Aug 03 – Fengaros, Cyprus
Aug 05 – Visions Festival, London
Aug 11 – Ventnor International Festival, Isle of Wight
Aug 18 – Green Man Festival, Wales
Aug 27 – Art Is Hard All Dayer, Bristol
Sept 30 – The Nil By Mouth Sessions (Sky Club), San Giljan, Malta
JUST ANNOUNCED: Oct 27 – The Garage, London [buy tickets]

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