Honeymilk | Trip

How did I miss this? I can answer my own question there I guess. The process of regularly making time to blog means that, inevitably, when I regain focus I am rusty in my musical tentacle reach. I’m like a sleepy hipster octopus.

Honeymilk’s latest single Trip, sneaking past me like a ninja going to the toilet at midnight, is a 2003-style indie hit in the making. If you put Belle & Sebastian and garage rock in the Hadron Collider, Honeymilk would be the end product. The Belle & Sebastian comparison is apt for the band. Both artists construct morose lyrical procedures that are offset by jaunty, almost optimistic musical arrangements. Despite being Swedish, the Stockholm natives’ approach speaks to my British sensibilities of being chipper in the face of certain disaster. Think Hugh Grant in a beanie hat living in contemporary Shoreditch.

Trip was released June 14th on Birds Records and is available now, so what have you got lose by checking it out on Spotify? Look out for their sophomore album dropping Autumn this year.

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