Living | Path

Thank god it’s Friday man. I’m currently on my lunch break, desperately trying to post this before I finish my triangular Sainsburys sandwich and head back to work. Side-note, how did the British get sandwiches so god damn wrong? It’s bread plus stuff, the possibilities are endless but nope, enjoy your ham triangles. It’s a travesty. Anyway, I digress, today sees the new single Path released by Living and it’s perfect for the mood-raising necessary for that final push through the work week.

Butterfly-like samples introduce us to a beautifully resolved summer festival track from Brazil’s Lucas de Almeida’s current project. Attempting to produce a track so unashamedly positive and optimistic can often result in a product that is like a pitcher of Pimms. Boring, unnecessary and seems like a good idea right up until you actually try it.

Instead, Living, have produced a track with the necessary musical maturity without straying into the cynical. Instead we are left with an effortless breezy pop-track ready to soundtrack the relaxing of muscles on Friday evening. Let it carry you to a rooftop where you can buy a drink that isn’t Pimms. Path was out today so go check it out.

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