BOYS | Dreamland

Jingle jangle fuck the rain. Seriously, London has got to be one of the most miserable places when the heavens open. It’s like some macabre slate-grey Instagram filter is drawn across the city and people suddenly become frightening automatons hiding their artificial nature behind the facade of an umbrella or recessed into a hooded jacket. In these moments, I lack energy. Being a solar-powered person, ridiculous considering I spent two and a half years in Scotland, I suddenly become frustrated by a lack of productivity yet utterly devoid of the ability to make amends.

BOYS, however, manage to alleviate this feeling with a smart combination of the jangly pop guitar tones with a lo-fi production aesthetic that encapsulates what a warm wet June Tuesday is on their latest track Dreamland. It’s hard to turn their chosen guitar tone into anything that isn’t LA summer rock. Instead, the track is introspective without being morose and just expansive enough in its production values to allow the sparse musical arrangements to filter in behind frontman Ross Pearce’s Real Estate-esque delivery.

Dreamland is, the lead single and title-track from their second EP out later this summer.

Live Dates 

22 July – Tooting Tram & Social, London

18 Aug – The Delancey, New York City

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