Wyldest | Hitchhiker

Last year I lived with a man who fancied himself as a 90s supermodel. All long hair flips, wife-beater vests with leather jackets and an obsession with Brett Anderson. Despite this, he had a consummate knowledge of 80s New Romantic music. He was something of a Spandeau Ballet James Dean. This has somehow rubbed off on my own listening habits. Whenever I need to tap into that period of my life, I hit up an 80s playlist on Spotify and remember the man with a killer fringe dancing alone with a towel wrapped around his head holding a telescope in one hand and talking to a stuffed badger called Lucy.

So, it is a shame that I don’t get to share this new track with him. As the 80s revival continues towards 2020, Wyldest drop one of the best tracks within this current trend. Hitchhiker, their latest single, taps into the darkness that pervaded a lot of pop music in the 1980s. A lot of the time, we cast our eyes back through the glittered nostalgia lens to think that music all hit a hedonistic line of enjoyment, but Wyldest rearrange the sound of synths, alongside misanthropic guitar lines, to create a moody narrative that surrounds the tracks eponymous hitchhiker.

The track will be dropped on their new EP, coming out September 29th via Hand in Hive.

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