About Me


I’m Steve. I’m 28. I work in Art as my day job.

Apparently my surname in Norse means to drink until you’re drunk. I cannot confirm whether or not this accurate.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Steve,

    I’m a big fan of Beer for the Ear and I’d really like to have my work considered for a feature or review. I think this particular track could be a great fit for what you guys do.

    I create under the moniker “SiDizen King” and I’m working with GRAMMY-nominated producer Nate Pyfer (Kaskade) on a Hip Hop EP that spans the gamut sonically, from Tropical House to Indie rock soundscapes. Other producers I’m working with on the EP include Ryan Spraker (Pell, Daye Jack etc.) and Matt Engst (Daye Jack etc.).

    I just released a song entitled “LIfe is Good” that I wrote song to remind myself that despite the fact that I moved to a place (LA) where I have no friends, family, or money, life is good because I’m pursuing my dream. The first verse depicts the stereotypic rap vision of what makes life “good”, while the second verse is a bit more honest. The production is heavy on bass and more old-school sounding, but evolves with the narrative on the second verse.

    Here is the SoundCloud link to “Life is Good”, a link to the lyric video I created for it, and my website (everything DIY!). Thank you!





    If you’re interested, the other track on my SoundCloud page has had over 20K views in the last 4 weeks and I think the storytelling is pretty compelling. I’d love to send you a private link to some of my upcoming tracks too (I have one with newly-signed Indie Rock band “The Moth and the Flame” that you may like as well).


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