FAIRCHILD | So Long and Thank You

One of the best parts of running a music blog is that the access to new music I get is truly unbelievable. Emailed directly into my inbox like a rock and roll Christmas. I would try and be humble about it but shit, it’s fucking phenomenal.

The latest in my long line of goodies is the latest track by FAIRCHILD “So Long and Thank You.” The first thing that popped into my head is the genre a friend of mine came up with in which he wanted to start a band. FAIRCHILD are 100% pop noir. The track begins with drone like synths works it’s way up into a driven indie epic. Produced and mixed by Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice), “So Long and Thank You” focuses on the position of the Father. Kinda appropriately timed ahead of Father’s day weekend hey?

A good rock and roll track needs to be like a movie. It needs to introduce to the characters, themes and overall vibe of the song. It needs to then build itself into its groove that fills you in on the tracks universe. Finally, it needs to resolve itself via its climax (no sniggering in the back). “So Long and Thank You” delivers on all fronts. From it’s “pop noir” opening to its crescendo of guitar feedback, it’s a complete track and a must listen ahead of the album drop in August.

FAIRCHILD’s debut album So Long and Thank You will be released on August 4thvia their own label, Canvas Sounds.

Cigarettes After Sex | Apocalypse

It feels like I’ve been listening to Cigarettes After Sex for ages so it’s almost a shock that their debut LP is still yet to drop and we have to wait until June 9th before the self-titled release hits from Partisan Records.

Other than being an enormous fan of the band name, and the act of having a cheeky ciggy after a session, “Cigarettes After Sex” really have created one of the best sounds of the contemporary era. Whilst the saturation of music online has made grabbing attention an act of attempting to hit you sonically in the first 30 seconds, Greg Gonzalez (frontman and all around sexy man) has constructed a cinematic melancholic swoon that grabs you from reality like a Neil Gaiman narrative towards a melancholic visual soundscape that you can lose yourself into.

If you ever feel the need to just shut up shop and sit with a beer and contemplate the decision you’ve made that lead you to such a mess, then this album may be more than enough to quell your self-loathing craving. Look forward to the album in June and European tour dates in the lead up.

pr 8, 2017 – Czech Republic, Brno – Fleda
Apr 10, 2017 – Czech Republic, Prague – Roxy
Apr 11, 2017 – Germany, Berlin – Heimathafen
Apr 12, 2017 – Germany, Hamburg – Knust
Apr 13, 2017 – Holland, Amsterdam – Paradiso Noord
Apr 14, 2017 – Belgium, Antwerp – Trix
Apr 15, 2017 – France, Tourcoing – Le Grand Mix
Apr 17, 2017 – Scotland, Edinburgh – Caves
Apr 18, 2017 – England, Manchester – Gorilla
Apr 19, 2017 – England, Birmingham – Hare & Hounds
Apr 20, 2017 – England, London – Koko
Apr 22, 2017 – France, Paris – La Maroquinerie
Apr 24, 2017 – Switzerland, Basel – Kaserne
Apr 25, 2017 – Italy, Milan – Fabrique
Apr 26, 2017 – Munich, Germany – Technikum
Apr 27, 2017 – Austria, Vienna – Flex
May 28, 2017 – George, WA – Sasquatch! Music Festival
May 30, 2017 – Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound Festival
Jun 8, 2017 – Porto, Portugal – NOS Primavera Sound
Jun 13, 2017 – Croatia, Zagreb – Culture Factory
Jun 16, 2017 – Mannheim, Germany – Maifeld Derby
Jun 17, 2017 – Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands – Best Kept Secret Festival
Jun 29, 2017 – Belgium, Werchter – Rock Werchter
Jul 1, 2017 – Athens, Greece – Rockwave Festival
Jul 13, 2017 – Vilnius, Lithuania – Piano.Lt Vasaros Terasa
Jul 14, 2017 – Latvia, Salacgriva – Positivus Festival
Jul 22, 2017 – Austria, Wiesen – Out of the Woods
Aug 11, 2017 – Piestany, Slovakia – Grape Festival
Aug 13, 2017 – Castelbuono, Italy – Ypsigrock Festival


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah | Down (is Where I Want to Be)

With the announcement of a new swath of UK tour dates, I thought I’d cover a single by one of the bands that soundtracked my adolescence as I outgrew a straightened fringe and embraced half-hearted facial hair. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah‘s first album was an instant indie classic back in the day and so the opportunity to get on the single for the new album, no matter how late to the party I am, is something hard to turn down.

For many, myself included, CYHSY are associated with their self-titled debut album which gave us indie pop with a distinctive drawling vocal line. The new track, “Down (is Where I Want To Be),” doesn’t disappoint in this regard but provides us with a looping darker tone that undulates throughout. Beginning with a syncopated guitar and bass intro, Down eventually explodes into a high energy track that could easily soundtrack a nightmare montage from an early series Skins episode. The energy, that hits later on, speaks to singer Ounsworth’s concession that the album was a cathartic exhale of a project for the procession of personal events. It may be the soundtrack to his but could certainly soundtrack yours also. The track is taken from the upcoming full-length “The Tourist” out on February 24th.

Tour Dates

13th Sep 17 – Bristol – Thekla (ticket link)
14th Sep 17 – Manchester – Gorilla (ticket link)
15th Sep 17 – Dublin – Whelans (ticket link)
16th Sep 17 – Glasgow – CCA (ticket link)
18th Sep 17 – Leeds – Brudenell Social Club (ticket link)
19th Sep 17 – London – Village Underground (ticket link)

Royal Canoe | Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit

So Royal Canoe have dropped their new album and it’s got some serious moves to it. A real focus on an intense driven vocal line and an offbeat inventive percussive background have allowed for a baseline to build the electronic melodic elements around. My flatmate and former bandmate always insist that vocals should be like punctuation to the language of the music. Here Royal Canoe build whole tracks around a voice as instrument-like as any other musical tool and instead punctuate it with sweeping drum styles and varied melodic touches.

Royal Canoe manages to bring a groove and, honestly, a sexy-ass vibe to the tracks they produce without resorting to cliché comments and hip rolls. Instead of carrying a varied and off-beat vibe that reminds you why you fancy that girl on the bus with the sweet haircut and violet nail varnish.

The whole album is available to stream on Spotify but my hands down the favourite track “Walk Out On The Water” is below. Check it before you wreck it or whatever that means. I dunno.

Also worth a look is the video frop for “Bicycle” which brings a sweet contemporary illustration vibe to their own musical style.

Dear Joe | You Got Me Again

Morning! I’m writing this for you guys whilst sat in the library of the art school, pretending I’m still a student whilst I blanket apply for any job that makes my Masters Degree look even slightly useful. It’s no going brilliantly as of yet if I’m honest. Serves me right for being a middle-class white kid who’s best decision in life was to go to art school and make impenetrable video art.

So this dropped in my inbox today and it’s a delightful introduction to a new vibe that I’ve been missing recently Sweden’s Dear Joe have dropped a new single “You Got Me Again” ahead of the release of their new LP Broken Diamonds. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been hitting a really hard and heavy nostalgia trip recently with my listening habits. Probably because right now the future is about as enticing as chocolate flavoured horse crap. As a result this scratches an itch that originally came about with Arcade Fire, Interpol or Bookhouse Boys releases back when I was 16 and couldn’t grow facial hair.

Caveman | 80 West

The last track to drop from Caveman, to my mind, was the War on Drugs-esque “Never Going Back” which combined a frantic pace with soaring guitars and a driven strength carrying your balls to the inside of your stomach. This new single slows it right down and gives you the same guitar tones in moderation with an acoustic build up before giving you a symphonic crescendo conclusion that makes you want to pretend that you’re really a rockstar. I fortunately don’t need to pretend. I am Bruce Springsteen. The track really is one of those great driving tunes that makes you feel a little Kerouacian without being a total anus about it. Its a wind down the window, cigarette in your hand and pretend you’re not hopelessly in love with someone out of your league kinda tune.

“80 West” and “Never Going Back” will be on the new album Otero War out on June 17th and is available to pre-order on both Amazon and iTunes so don’t be a dick and buy some music. You dick.