Mt Doubt | Natural Swimmer

I’ve always had an affinity for music of an anthemic quality. Whilst often derided as a tool of sellout chorus grabbers, the anthem rouses the man when buried underneath malaise and offers up something tangible to grab onto whilst a sickeningly slow descent is in place. Or it offers the next platform in a conga line progression of musical narrative to optimism. Regardless, it’s a necessary pillar on the musical landscape.

The Scottish, much maligned for their supposed affectation for melancholy, deliver on this need consistently. Edinburgh natives Mt Doubt (close to my heart considering it was my home city for 3 years) have offered up a free track from their new EP “The Loneliness of The TV Watchers” to scratch that itch entitled “Natural Swimmer.” Combining rich baritone vocals with harmonies that evoke other great Scottish bands such as “The Twilight Sad” and “My Latest Novel,” Mt Doubt bring us into a paradoxical track that offers both sides of the emotional coin. Melancholy blends with optimism, cynicism with hope and passion with lethargy.

Mt. Doubt’s new EP The Loneliness Of The TV Watchers is out now via Scottish Fiction Records and is available to buy and stream on iTunes and Spotify.

Dead Boy Robotics | Arrival

There’s this ridiculous notion in Edinburgh that “nothing ever happens here.” What bollocks. It’s a capital city with a wonderful art school and incredible musicians. Unfortunately, due to the cheap rent provided by the Glaswegians, so many people make the move and leave this city. What a shame. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love Glasgow but there’s also scope for the capital to produce it’s own artists and musicians on par. So, joy of joys, that I get to feature an Edinburgh based band in Dead Boy Robotics. Arrival is the first track of their sophomore album New Cells, released digital 20th November via Brothers Grimm. As for the track it’s a dark 80s inspired pop tune that twists and distorts the nightmarish soundscapes into indie rock gold. It’s less haunting and more dark themed. Think Edward Scissorhands not Katie Hopkins uncrossing her legs in front of a captive audience. Keep a strong eye on this one.

Beer For The Ear Mix | Edinburgh

So taking a leaf out of my favourite, and now regrettably less active, music blog FWBA, I am producing monthly (he says) mixes to go out at the beginning of every month. Now most people’s mixes are ultra clued in with the latest tracks you’re supposed to be listening to. My stance is that a mix should be something evocative of a time and place so should obviously include music you were listening to at the time, regardless of it’s altitude in the blogosphere.

As some of you may know I’m leaving the South-West behind to study a Masters degree in Edinburgh. A huge loss for Somerset but a massive gain for you as I will now be able to blog from an actual scene where actual music is getting made by actual people and there are, y’know, actual gigs and shows to go to. The plan is to produce some small fanzines (because I love inDesign) to accompany these mixes which will feature exclusive local talent so keep your eyes peeled for that man.

Anyway this mix is filled with tunes I’ve been listening to lately as well as some hastily selected music from the fairer, if colder, country in the British Isles. Along with the collection of Frightened Rabbit and My Latest Novel is some of the stuff I’ve been listening to whilst getting ready for this period of my young vagabond’s journey. And by journey I mean an 8 hour car drive with my Dad who still can’t get over how great AC/DC were. So naturally it’s a little ponderous and slow, sorry. There’s some newer stuff but the majority is historic, I promise I’ll get more cutting edge guys.

Track List:
Red House Painters | Have You Forgotten (Vinyl Version)
Belle & Sebastian | Wrapped Up in Books
Hiss Golden Messenger | Brother Do You Know The Road?
Admiral Fallow | Guest Of The Government
My Latest Novel | Two Headed Boy (BBC Session, Neutral Milk Hotel Cover)
RHODES | Breathe
We Were Promised Jetpacks | Quiet Little Voices
Frightened Rabbit | Floating In The Forth
Raury & Vancouver Sleep Clinic | Superfly
Mo Kenney | Telephone
The Twilight Sad | Cold Days From The Birdhouse (Live)
Soak | The Mother We Share (CHVRCHES Cover)
Fiancé | Ivy
NICO | The Fairest Of Seasons