FAVELA | Call My Name

For once, I have a legitimate reason for my absence of posting. Having recently got a new job in Central London, I have been spending the last few months adapting to the fact I am now a consummate adult and the tangled web of responsibilities that comes with. Not that I’ll let that deter me, we all have to grow up and progress at some point. I am determined to be the art-world equivalent of James Bond that I always dreamed of being.

Having said that, on some days that is easier than others. Today is certainly one of those. You could be forgiven, upon looking out your front door on this miserable Monday, that it was more likely to be mid January as opposed to the last day of April. As my girlfriend (who is currently in Florida no less) has noted previously, “I must be somewhere in London, I must be loving my life in the rain.” On days like today, I struggle with the London impulse of grabbing the day by it’s tired old lapels and instead find myself wanting to float through the Oxford Street crowds, carried via the throng with my toes barely grazing the ground. A comforting apathy that borders on enjoyable melancholy. The same feeling you get contemplating a lost friend with a cup of coffee in a window seat.

Fortunately, FAVELA‘s latest single “Call My Name” can at least lend a soundtrack to this somewhat self-indulged fantasy. The Leeds-based producer and vocalist has created a lo-fi electronic track of exquisite longing that soundtracks your own melancholic montage that occurs between your ears. Beginning with slow simple guitar lines that set the tone for a wonderfully meditative soliloquy of lives lived in unwanted isolation. With lines such as, “I confess, I confess I am a writer // With schewed ambition // But holy visions,” this track expertly provides a message to my mood when it rains on Mondays. It is a track that expertly defines what it means to be in London and really, you’d rather still be in bed, with a lover or just endlessly circling the tube ignoring the outside world. Keep an eye out for the debut LP and whet your appetite with this frankly beautiful song.

Cover photo by Michelle Steel

Royal Canoe | Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit

So Royal Canoe have dropped their new album and it’s got some serious moves to it. A real focus on an intense driven vocal line and an offbeat inventive percussive background have allowed for a baseline to build the electronic melodic elements around. My flatmate and former bandmate always insist that vocals should be like punctuation to the language of the music. Here Royal Canoe build whole tracks around a voice as instrument-like as any other musical tool and instead punctuate it with sweeping drum styles and varied melodic touches.

Royal Canoe manages to bring a groove and, honestly, a sexy-ass vibe to the tracks they produce without resorting to cliché comments and hip rolls. Instead of carrying a varied and off-beat vibe that reminds you why you fancy that girl on the bus with the sweet haircut and violet nail varnish.

The whole album is available to stream on Spotify but my hands down the favourite track “Walk Out On The Water” is below. Check it before you wreck it or whatever that means. I dunno.

Also worth a look is the video frop for “Bicycle” which brings a sweet contemporary illustration vibe to their own musical style.