Rationale | Fast Lane

I’m definitely jumping on the bandwagon for this one. I was conflicted about whether or not to post this up but it’s just too good not to share and seeing as this blog also functions as my own long winded playlist it would be shameful not to feature Rationale’s latest track “Fast Lane.” Fuck me, this is hot shit. So many artists are refuting the self-image instead focusing on the production of their music and this is another shining example in Rationale. What with the advent of technological abilities to make work and the ease of collaboration and self-learning, artists are now increasingly able to produce full bodied tracks whilst maintaining privacy and anonymity. Rationale manage to pick us up with a soulful baritone over wonderfully crafted musical landscapes and for that we are entirely lucky. It’s a track for a contemplative evening which, seeing as Scotland has now clouded over until George RR Martin finishes “A Song of Ice and Fire,” is perfect for me. Watch out for the debut EP coming on an indeterminate date which, judging by this track, is too far away already.