Christian Alexander | Going Thru

I need to get in the habit of queuing these. Work has been insanely busy and it’s just not been too easy to locate the necessary time to post every day, which is a ridiculous level on my current schedule.

Enough of the excuses let’s get to the good stuff. I was hiking around The Hype Machine, sick of my recent Spotify playlists, when I came across this track by lo-fi bedroom pop unknown Christian Alexander. After a quick google, there is no discernible label or significant web presence and yet here is a gem of bedroom love songs, sang to a cracked ceiling in some mopey flat-share and accidentally leaked out into the world (potentially, I thoroughly have no idea, I’m just imagining). The track is mournful and surrenders the agency of ourselves to external forces whilst attempting to maintain the connections with others that makes life worth living.

Simple guitar rhythms accompany a fragile and delicate vocal procedure that is not dissimilar to the vocals only Bon Iver tracks “Woods” and “715 – CR∑∑KS.” But instead of building to lush production values, Christian Alexander roots in a shared millennial experience with lines such as: “I know I’m not what you needed but you came through anyway” and “Show me you’ll fill all the spaces a pill couldn’t do for me.”

It’s brutally honest and wonderfully melancholic. One of the best hidden gems of the year.