Death Cab For Cutie | No Room In Frame

I know this is naughty as just a few weeks ago I played the first Death Cab track off the new album and, considering that I’ve long since outgrown DCFC as narrators of my personal lifestyle, I no longer consider Death Cab that relevant means it’s slightly odd for me to be playing their album opener “No Room In Frame” here. My big reason for doing this is, and I can’t express this enough, my enormous disappointment with “Codes & Keys” in 2011. I know I was clouded by nostalgia, and bands inevitable move on and change, but the gradual move away from the era of “Army Corps of Architects” was becoming a chasm between a band I loved and a band that I wanted to like. The reason this is exciting me to the degree this way is due to it actually exciting me about what DCFC are up to again and reinvigorating my interest in a band that had, perhaps not started to wane just fall out of my own personal radar (and it is personal). Although we’ll never have a rehash of our favourite album from any said artist (and that would be awful) it does at least signal a move back into a direction that I can ride and enjoy. I may be a sellout but Ive having a fucking dandy time doing it so sue me?

Death Cab For Cutie | Black Sun

I know I know. To like Death Cab now is completely and totally uncool. After the shambolic (in my opinion) Codes and Keys, I had officially broken up with the band. It’s a difficult process when you have to accept you’ve outgrown a band that you formally held up as your “favourite every ohemgee.” But despite my best judgement I couldn’t help but check out the latest Death Cab single “Black Sun” off the upcoming “Kintsugi” released March 31. I was overjoyed to find that in a actual fact, it’s not bad at all. Death Cab will never regain what made me love them when I first span “We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes” but when a band has evolved and you can still appreciate their new products then there’s no shame in that right?