Wilderado | Sorrow

Whenever I get back into this, it takes me forever to start scrolling through the Hype Machine and my own listening habits until I find something that I’m actually in to and want to share. Inevitably I end up posting stuff already in other places, sorry if I’m simply an echo chamber for the time being.

London continues to be grey, miserable and horrifically busy as we slowly slide towards summer but that has yet to dampen my optimism for the coming season. Every spring, like clockwork, I hit a nostalgic turn in my listening habits. It may be Britpop and it’s attendant connotations with a mid 90s Steve, all big forehead and Thomas the Tank Engine toys; or it could be 70s classic rock and my teenage aspiration to be the next Jimmy Page. This year however, I have delved into the last time indie music in Britain was huge, the NME playlists of 2007-2009. In between organising through my desire to be a Libertine or a Franz Ferdinand backup dancer, I spent those years relentlessly copying the single stringed riffs into my own songs on adolescent heartbreak, sadness and sorrow.

Wilderado are a callback to this era of musical endeavour, with a decidedly US flavour. The LA based four piece in their single “Sorrow” dance around simple single string combinations before building into the large choruses that befit the era once it crossed over into the mainstream. It may not be the new Jeff Buckley or Radiohead, but a thoroughly enjoyable callback to when guitar music was the pop genre de jour. Whilst simple and unpretentious, the track gains a maturity via it’s delicate control of volume and degree of restraint. Whilst undeniably uncomplicated, the track’s control of euphoria throws me back to my late teens, where all I wanted was to be in a band that people wanted to listen to.

For fans of Paper Lions. The new EP is out May 25th if this tickles your pickle.