BFTE Mix | June 2017

So, something I always intended to do when starting this was to put together end of month mixes ala FWBA when that was still up and running. Not everyone has the time or the wherewithal to go hunting down the Hype Machine etc all day every day trying to find something to replace the endless Toto that is on everyone’s playlist. Yes, it is always total. So, voila!

Now, not everything in this playlist has been featured on Beer For The Ear this month. It’s purely a sense of choice. There is far too much music out there to continuously share everything I think worthwhile and, inevitably, I feel it is just as important to showcase acts that you may not find otherwise as opposed to the latest releases by bigger names. Don’t get me wrong, if I think something is worth sharing from a massive name I will 100% put it in, but I think most of my readers will already be aware of some of the larger presences. So this mix is a combination of my favourite featured posts and some of the other stuff I’ve had on repeat this month for you all to peruse at your leisure.

Strenth and honour!

Last Leaves | The World We Had

I always really liked The Lucksmiths. They were this Belle & Sebastian-esque Australian indie pop band that soundtracked my low-key angsty adolescence. Breakups? Check. Adult uselessness? Check. Overt self-indulgent misery? Check check check. I so often felt that my future would include some kind of romantic struggle. That I would be some artist, musician or writer living in an inner city never quite making it but staying true to some kind of idealistic indie ideology of poetic bleakness. The Lucksmiths were my allies in this future projection. Whether it was “The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco” showcasing the pathetic longing for a missing love or “A Hiccup In Your Happiness” attesting to my fear of breaking up with someone wholly unsuitable for me, The Lucksmiths spoke my language of self-indulgent misery. I was a little bit emo sometimes.

So, to my great enjoyment, 3 of the 4 have returned with their new band Last Leaves. This new iteration retains much of the wit and delivery of The Lucksmiths but attaches it with a crunchier, more rustic musicianship, eschewing the breezy indie pop that preceded this iteration whilst retaining a vocal delivery both dreamy and vulnerable. The new single The World We Had, released yesterday on the label Lost and Lonesome, introduces us into the narrative of a new lover and the experiences that we relate to via proxy along with the band.  We all build worlds with the people we love and the feeling when they change or are removed is exactly that. World ending. It’s a process of grieving for the familiar, the safe and the wanted whilst adjusting to that which is alien. Last Leaves, in keeping with their Lucksmiths legacy, showcase this perfectly.