BFTE Mix | June 2017

So, something I always intended to do when starting this was to put together end of month mixes ala FWBA when that was still up and running. Not everyone has the time or the wherewithal to go hunting down the Hype Machine etc all day every day trying to find something to replace the endless Toto that is on everyone’s playlist. Yes, it is always total. So, voila!

Now, not everything in this playlist has been featured on Beer For The Ear this month. It’s purely a sense of choice. There is far too much music out there to continuously share everything I think worthwhile and, inevitably, I feel it is just as important to showcase acts that you may not find otherwise as opposed to the latest releases by bigger names. Don’t get me wrong, if I think something is worth sharing from a massive name I will 100% put it in, but I think most of my readers will already be aware of some of the larger presences. So this mix is a combination of my favourite featured posts and some of the other stuff I’ve had on repeat this month for you all to peruse at your leisure.

Strenth and honour!

NoMBe | Do Whatchu Want To Me

My man! So NoMBe have been on my radar for roughly 3 months ever since “Freak Like Me” hit. Anyone who can write a sexy ass song that I can share with my girlfriend to persuade her I’m not just an uptight white indie kid is alright in my book. Following up “Freak Like Me” was “Signs” that eschewed the classic R&B hooks for a summery 60s vibe. NoMBe has been demonstrating a total oeuvre in his music that blends the late night dancer with the guitar bound optimist in all of us.

So imagine my fucking delight when “Do Whatchu Want To Me” hit today. Signalling something of a return to the darker soul vibes of “Freak Like Me” with the musical tinges of other eras that “Signs” possessed. NoMBe writes music that feels like an after-hours party at a water park. There is the feeling of water spray, the smell of sunscreen and the exhilaration of adolescent showing off combined with the warmth of whiskey, the chasing of members of your sexual preference and closed doors to discreet actions.

NoMBe | Freak Like Me

Okay so I know you’re probably all super sick of these months long absences followed by apologies and empty promises about my renewed commitment but, allow me to be real here for a bit.

Life is super hard. Like really hard. So hard that some people don’t manage to make it through unscathed. In December my best friend bit the hard edge of the shit stick and couldn’t move past it. When he lost his life and I couldn’t find employment, well it got pretty dark and heavy. However, the conveyor belt goes on and brings you with it so you’ve got two choices. Roll with it or squander. Well, I’ve tried to roll with it and finally seemed to have made it through a full rotation out the other side, determined to be back with a better outlook and better music for your greedy, grubby ears.

So, whilst I was surfing my airwaves as I prepare myself for a move down to The Big Smoke LAHNDAHN, NoMBe’s track “Freak Like Me” plucked itself from the apple tree of soul and dropped itself via a guitar hook raised on the just the ride side of sexy into my lap.   LA-based Noah Macbeth, a name that is synonymous with mass extinction and regicide as well as songs that should be playing when one is in the bedroom, has delivered a beauty from his debut LP “They Might’ve Even Loved Me.” Oozing bedroom appeal from every pore, “Freak Like Me” allows the inner groove of a middle-class white man to twist itself asunder and certainly empowers me to prove that I’ve got an inner freak who can play along with the big boys when it comes down to brass tacks.

Freak Like Me is out now and ready to embolden your bedroom playlist immediately.