The Dunts | Dimitri

I really miss Scotland. As a place, it has such a thriving grass roots creative collaborative reservoir. Edinburgh and Glasgow, for all their much lauded rivalry, are two major cities an hour apart that have two of the greatest UK Art Schools in the heart of the population. Factor in the relatively low-cost of living (compared to London and it’s frankly disgusting house pricing) you have a perfect primordial soup for creative endeavour.

The Dunts are a band at the forefront of a whole new wave of Scottish guitar music that has run in regular cycles of brilliance every 5 or so years. We have been gifted Frightened Rabbit, The Twilight Sad, Teenage Fanclub, etc etc. The list goes on. The Dunts new single, Dimitri, is a marker in the sand for an incoming wave of classic-style bands ready to liven up the musical landscape. In a world of bedroom producers, access to hyper-polished samples, and the contemporary fashion for crooning vocal lines, the classic band has seemingly lost relevance.

The Dunts, however, disagree. Perhaps it’s my former life in a punk band but The Dunts showcase a pace and energy that can only be developed via four people locked in a room with their instruments, a few cans of Tenants (king of beers) and a really good idea.

Dimitri is a banger, make no mistake, and was released today.

Dead Boy Robotics | Arrival

There’s this ridiculous notion in Edinburgh that “nothing ever happens here.” What bollocks. It’s a capital city with a wonderful art school and incredible musicians. Unfortunately, due to the cheap rent provided by the Glaswegians, so many people make the move and leave this city. What a shame. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love Glasgow but there’s also scope for the capital to produce it’s own artists and musicians on par. So, joy of joys, that I get to feature an Edinburgh based band in Dead Boy Robotics. Arrival is the first track of their sophomore album New Cells, released digital 20th November via Brothers Grimm. As for the track it’s a dark 80s inspired pop tune that twists and distorts the nightmarish soundscapes into indie rock gold. It’s less haunting and more dark themed. Think Edward Scissorhands not Katie Hopkins uncrossing her legs in front of a captive audience. Keep a strong eye on this one.