Surf Rock is Dead | As If

Sorry sorry. I know I’ve been away for a bit. Alas, as this is not my primary money-maker, it’s far too easy for me to get lost in the day to day of all my other commitments and totally push back any sort of posting. So, first and foremost, I know I’m late with the July Mix and I’ll endeavour to get that done as quickly as possible. However, today I’m sharing the latest track from Brooklyn based duo, “Surf Rock Is Dead.”

I haven’t featured these guys in nearly 2 years, back in 2015 when I thought the best way to dress was skinny-fit hobo. However, whilst my ability to dress myself like an adult has improved, so has “Surf Rock Is Dead’s” output. Maintaining a guitar tone of wistful summer vibes, the minor chords though infrequent, run out like dischordant conflict against the subject matter of attempting to distance yourself from someone you love. Like the moment of weakness through weeks of strong stoicism.

As If is from the forthcoming EP We Have No Friends?, due to arrive on September 22.


Surf Rock is Dead | Never Be the Same

Surf rock may or may not be dead. This is up for debate, I still like myself some Chet Atkins, however Surf Rock Is Dead has proved that perhaps this is a good thing. Breezing down from the indie slopes of ambience to cloud your vision with guitar hooks from the 80s Never Be the Same, new single track from the forthcoming EP SRiD, is a corker. It gives me an intense sense of deja vu but for the life of me I can’t figure out whichever band they remind me of. It’s like seeing someone in the street and realising far too late that you snogged them once 2 years ago. Regardless the track is excellent and is a real reminder of what those throwback early 90s bands were capable of. Now I gotta dash, have a tutorial and haven’t made any art whatsoever. In a bit.