Tiny Rhymes | Arrows

When I’m walking to the studio to make life changing pieces of art I often stare at my reflection in the car windows and laugh at what the badge covered denim jacket, the tatty tight jeans, the unkempt hair and week long stubble. When did I become a wannabe rock star punk? My taste in music has gravitated towards the more angst driven, hurt bound, loud and aggressive guitar led songs. Despite this, there’s a part in all of us that loves the soundtrack of Juno and secretly love a few hundred Belle & Sebastian tracks. Twee is getting trendy these days and no matte how cool we think we are, a song that reminds you of innocence and girls you used to fancy will always get stuck in your head.

Although a bit cute compared to my normal taste, Tiny Rhymes from Canada and Buffalo have managed to tap into that summer mind which curiously enjoys a glass of Pimms on the grass. Even if I’m gonna smoke a cigarette and look moody doing it. Their debut album hits on June 23rd and Arrows is the lead single. Lucky us eh?