The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart | When I Dance With You

The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart are one of those artists that just seem to follow me around constantly as I age progressively worse. It’s true, I’m nowhere near as sexy as I was as a frisky 17 year old heartthrob. But, as I’ve matured from under-sexed teenager to wannabe tortured artist, Kip Berman’s The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have matured alongside me at a familiar rate.

Last month saw the release of the, then latest single, Anymore which was a return to what we all know and have grown to love about the band. Featuring heavily distorted guitar chimes with 80s inspired song structures and a light vocal delivery that trips of the tongue onto the late VHS sun-kissed June evenings that we associate with the band. However, their latest track “When I Dance With You” offers something slightly different.

Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely classic Pains. However, bringing a sonar-like sample and a greater electronic influence, Berman crafts the classic formula into something more discreet. Instead of assaulting us with a wall of teenage inspired pop, “When I Dance With You” sees a more mature outlook combined with the typical playfulness we’ve come to expect alongside the consistent romanticised lyrics. We are still on the Betamax colour tones, but instead it’s the slow burn romantic montage as opposed to the thumping opening credits. It makes me miss a girl a bit.

“When I Dance With You” is the second single from the upcomgin 4th album “The Echo of Pleasure,” due Sept. 1 on the band’s own Painbow label. The album can be pre-ordered here.


Sylvan Esso | Radio

Once again I’m back from an indefinite absence but don’t worry, so are Sylvan Esso. Back with the first track since their debut LP, “Radio” brings back that much-needed fix of female fronted witty electronica which is part of a staple musical diet. The track is not my usual cup of tea. Having said that, the wit present in the lyrical content and delivery has me sold. Particularly the line following the first chorus concerning how good someone looks sucking American dick which is, I regret to add, something I’m unfamiliar with.

The track is available to preorder on 12″ vinyl with “Kick Jump Twist” and is set to be released on the 18th of November by Lomo Vista/ Concord/ Caroline International.

Oh and just for you, the video is below too.