Will Joseph Cook | Sweet Dreamer

Will Joseph Cook has to been one of the breakout stars of 2016 with his hit single Take Me Dancing. Don’t take my word for it, go into any moderately nice cafe or coffee shop and you will eventually hear it over the top of the chitter chatter on the venue’s playlist. That kind of broad mass appeal has defined the reaction to Cook’s output over the last year. His catchy musical aesthetic is carried with a voice that oscillates between youthful endeavour and mature self-reflection.

Ahead of his debut album’s release Sweet Dreamer, Cook has released the track Plastic which I’ve gone down at the bottom for you to peruse.  Mr Will was one of the best parts of summer 2016 and his sincerity is something missing in so many contemporary musicians who constantly seem to be clamouring for attention as the coolest son-of-a-bitch on the planet, as opposed to making a record that, at least in my mind, goes back to the primary focus of an LP.

Check Plastic beloew ahead of the release of the full release which is awesome (I’ve heard it.) Sweet Dreamer will be out on April 14th on Atlantic Records.

Will Joseph Cook | Take Me Dancing

Hi. Sorry. I’ve been busy. No excuse I guess but finishing my Masters degree and drinking enough beer to stock half os Australia has really lead to some poor life decisions and inability to keep up with any sort of responsibility. Anyway, I guess I’m back for a bit so I’ll shoot you Will Joseph Cook’s new track “Take Me Dancing.”

Man this track is fun. For fans of Jens Lekman, this track channels the best of what we’ve become accustomed referring to as indie rock. It’s definitely a song for this uncharacteristically beautiful Scottish summer with it’s energetic chorus. Out now in “all the usual places” apparently, give it a listen and pretend your life is much better than it really is. Definitely for fans of Cruisr and the Preatures.